Established to recognize and harness activities implementing and shaping genomic medicine around the globe.

Genomic Medicine Alliance

An international research network focussing on Genomic Medicine.


Genetic Alliance

Genetic Alliance engages individuals, families, and communities to transform health.

Genetic Alliance South Africa

A non-profit, membership organisation uniting patient support groups, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders relevant to the care and prevention of congenital disorders (CDs).


A policy-framing and technical standards-setting organization, seeking to enable responsible genomic data sharing within a human rights framework.

Global Genomic Nurses Alliance

The Global Genomics Nursing Alliance (G2NA) was established in 2017 to promote nursing in genomics healthcare and accelerate the integration of genomics across everyday nursing practice.

Genetic Alliance Australia

Genetic Alliance Australia provides peer support and information for individuals and families affected by a rare genetic condition/rare disease.

Genetic Alliance UK

An alliance of over 200 patient organisations working to improve the lives of patients and families affected by all types of genetic conditions.


CPIC’s goal is to address the difficulty in translating genetic laboratory test results into actionable prescribing decisions for affected drugs.

Australian Genomics

Integrating genomic medicine into Australian healthcare.

Queensland Genomics

Improving the health of Queenslanders by delivering genomic medicine.

International Consortium for Personalised Medicine

Over 30 European and international partners representing ministries, funding agencies and the European Commission (EC) coordinating and fostering research to develop and evaluate personalised medicine approaches.

Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance

An alliance of ten leading healthcare and research organisations dedicated to bringing the global knowledge of genomics to benefit the individual care of Victorians.

Genomics England

Genomics England was set up to deliver the 100,000 Genomes Project which will sequence 100,000 whole genomes from NHS patients with rare diseases, and their families, as well as patients with common cancers.

Genome Canada

A not-for-profit organization, funded by the Canadian Government to catalyse the development and application of genomics and genomic-based technologies, to create economic and social benefits for Canadians.

All of Us

An historic effort to gather data from one million or more people living in the United States to accelerate research and improve health.

Human Heredity & Health in Africa

Fosters pan-continental collaboration to nurture research and develop and support African scientists.