Governance & Leadership

Governance relates to leadership, oversight and coordination of the implementation of genomic medicine.


Within the Catalogue of Global Genomic Medicine Implementation Initiatives, less than a third of the initiatives (17/61)* gave some acknowledgement to governance and leadership. However, it is likely that consideration is given to this theme even if it is not mentioned.

Health services are often complex and fragmented, and the implementation of genomic medicine can require new approaches and changes to the way health services are delivered. In addition, there are usually many players which have a role including public and private health services providers, government, industry, patients, professional bodies and researchers, to name a few. For these reasons, high-level strategic leadership and coordination is needed to facilitate the changes and investment required. 

Most often the main activity in this area relates to establishing governance entities that can coordinate implementation initiatives and facilitate collaboration. The types of entities take many forms including steering groups, boards and intergovernmental committees but the role is generally one of being responsible for defining and delivering the vision for the genomic service including identifying the policy issues that need to be addressed and bringing together the relevant stakeholders to design and implement the service.

Some of the actions to be undertaken by the governance entities established include:

  • promoting collaboration across stakeholders including coordination across national and regional levels

  • developing implementation plans/roadmaps/government white papers and monitoring implementation

  • mobilising resources

  • establishing shared and effective policies, processes, techniques and technologies

  • assessing the impact of genomic medicine including defining success measures (health and economic)

  • overseeing establishment of national genome centres and related procedures

  • education of the general public


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